Friday 18 November, 2016

Recommend Cheap Adidas X 16 Purechaos FG AG Football Boots

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Silver Orange Adidas X 16+ Purechaos FG/AG Football Boots

Adidas will launch next month, the black version of the X16 + PureChaos football shoes. Using a low-key red details, all black version of the X16 + PureChaos football shoes will be three bars of the "Darkspace Pack" (dark dark space color) part, and may appear in the big-name endorsement star.
Adidas will launch a unique design Adidas X16 + PureChaos soccer shoes, as the upcoming Paris Paris Pack Paris series of a. Based on the admirable Adidas X16 + Purechaos soccer shoes design, Adidas Paris Pack X16 + Purechaos soccer shoes from the front foot of the blue transition to the black heel, while the transition part of the two were covered with a unique red and black spots, so that Design and 2016 European Cup finals with the ball has the same effect. The shoes of the Adidas logo is white, while the soles are using a similar gradient from blue to black. As in previous sections X16 + PureChaose general, Paris Pack X16 + PureChaos also uses a special design to hide the laces, to provide a more flat and wide hitting area. High-top shoes and external TPU will bring a better stability. And Darkspace Pack other series, like all black version of the X16 + PureChaos football shoes whole body black, only in the insoles and lined with a trace of red.

In the black version of the X16 + PureChaos soccer shoes on the outside, usually very conspicuous Adidas Football Boots Performance logo is just a little light gray and a little reflective effect to be highlighted. While the soles are all black, and with a reflective effect. Technically, the all-black version of the X16 + PureChaos football shoe with a lace cover to provide a larger and smoother batting area, while using external heel TPU bring faster speed and better stability. Other details are the same as X16.1.

First of all, rumors will be in this transfer window tigers Walter Cottage, has been wearing a camouflage custom soccer shoes Walcott in yesterday's training to wear the X series Ultimate Purechaos football shoes. Because of the defeat of the England national team, Walcott has failed to put on the X16 soccer shoes, do not know after training and competition, the little tiger will, as always, wearing modified custom football shoes, we will continue to observe. Several wearing depth conversion X soccer players, including Bell, Schweinsteiger, Walcott, Felipe, Robin van Persie are very worthy of our attention in the same training ground, Arsenal left back Gibbs And central defender Gabriel are also put on the latest color X16 + Purechaos football shoes.

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